Crisis Text Line and the Steve Fund

Crisis Text Line

The Crisis Text Line is a free 24-hour crisis support line, offering live, trained counselors to help those in need. Users simply text the word “HOME” to 741741, and a trained crisis counselor will respond. The service is available 24/7 and is free, although standard messaging charges may apply depending on the cell phone provider. Responders should make this information available to those who may need it most. In times of crisis, this resource can be a lifesaver.

The Crisis Text Line does not replace ongoing medical attention, but it is an excellent place to get started. It can help you find local mental health services, practice difficult conversations with parents, and encourage others to seek professional help. But it isn’t a cure for mental health issues. Instead, it can help you get on the road to recovery. But the service does have its limits. Before you call the crisis text line, be sure to seek professional help first.

The Steve Fund is an organization dedicated to helping young people of color get help during tough times. It has a special keyword, “STEVE”, that text users can use to text crisis counselors. The Steve Fund is committed to supporting students of color and their emotional well-being, and this organization is making it happen. Thousands of teens and young adults are benefiting from this program. You can text the word ‘STEVE’ to 741741 and receive a real-time response from a crisis counselor.

Another free, confidential service that’s available around the clock is the Crisis Text Line. Crisis counselors respond to messages within five minutes. The counselors listen carefully to each message, and invite people to share at their own pace. The counselors will text you privately and encourage you to work through your feelings and emotions. They will ask you questions and help you sort through them, empathize, and actively listen. In the end, they’ll help you feel safe and supported.

The Crisis Text Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s no need to call a crisis hotline if you’re experiencing an intense or difficult emotional crisis – if you’re feeling overwhelmed or need some advice, text Crisis Text Line to receive free, anonymous support from a trained Crisis Counselor. If you’re concerned about a friend or family member, you can also text the Crisis Text Line to get more information.

The Crisis Text Line connects people in crisis with trained counselors nationwide. Since its launch in 2013, it’s received over 100 million text messages from people experiencing mental health issues. More than 30% of those texts were related to depression or suicide. The service helps people identify and talk with a trained counselor and create a plan for continuing safety. In a matter of minutes, a trained counselor will respond. Once they’ve established the risk and de-escalation, they can craft a plan for ongoing safety.

A Twilio Programmable SMS enables people to reach the Crisis Text Line by SMS. The service integrates with advanced machine learning and sentiment analysis and triages each text based on the level of urgency. Crisis Text Line also works seamlessly with popular messaging services, reducing the barriers to seeking help. So, you can support this incredible charity while wearing a stylish shirt or T-shirt. If you would like to help a friend or loved one in need, visit the Merch Store today and support the cause of the Crisis Text Line.

The new mental health resource page of the State University of New York features a Crisis Text Line. You can text the word “Got5U” to 741-741 to access confidential help. Using the Crisis Text Line can help alleviate emotional challenges, stress, substance use, and relationship problems. The crisis text line is not just for suicide prevention; it can be used for other mental health issues, including domestic violence, substance abuse, and the COVID-19 pandemic.