Crisis Text Line – Text REACH to 741 741

Crisis Text Line is the first and only national crisis-intervention hotline to conduct conversations with its users exclusively via text message. People in crisis can reach a trained Crisis Counselor by texting “HOME” to 741741.

In summer 2020, former employees of both Crisis Text Line and DoSomething—which was founded by Lublin and led by her at the time—shared stories about workplace abuse that they experienced under Lublin’s leadership.

We’re here for you.

When you text REACH to 741 741, you’ll get a reply from a trained Crisis Counselor. They’ll be there for you — no matter what the issue is.

After a brief introduction, your Counselor will invite you to text back and forth at your own pace. You can tell them anything you want — from thoughts of suicide to feeling stressed at work. You can even ask them for resources in your area.

They’ll try to empower you with problem-solving skills, and only engage emergency services when necessary. The goal is to reduce your risk, and our data show that it’s working: nearly half of suicidal texters had lower levels of suicidal thoughts after their conversation. This improvement is comparable to the reductions in suicidal ideation associated with Lifeline crisis chat interventions.

We’re confidential.

Whether you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts or need help after a breakup, crisis counselors are ready to listen. They’ll text you back and help you de-escalate the situation, create a safety plan, or connect you to local services. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to them, and they won’t ask you for your name or other identifying information.

The service also partners with local organizations to provide face-to-face counseling. It’s available 24 hours a day in the United States, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

If you’re worried about how your identifying information is used, it’s important to check out your local laws. Generally, your conversation with a crisis line is protected by state and federal privacy laws. However, other organizations not affiliated with Crisis Text Line may have different policies. For instance, a for-profit spinoff of the service has shared data with companies that build conversational AI tools to improve customer service. This could make their programs more effective.

We’re trained.

Text the keyword REACH to 741-741 to connect with a trained Crisis Counselor. You can talk about anything — from your worries or thoughts to how you’re feeling after a disaster. You can even talk about a friend or family member who might be struggling.

When you text the number, you’ll get two automated responses that let you know you’re being connected to a Crisis Counselor and invites you to share at your own pace. The goal is to help you find a calm, safe place. It might mean providing you with resources, or just empathetically listening.

As a volunteer Crisis Counselor, you’ll be trained to use data to prioritize people with the most need, rather than who reaches out first. You’ll also learn how to support someone without imposing your own beliefs, or asking for theirs. The training takes about 6 weeks to complete and a background check is required. The organization covers the cost of this background check.

We’re free.

Text 741741 and you’ll get connected with a trained Crisis Counselor. They’ll be there to listen and support you.

You can text about anything, no matter how big or small. It could be a problem with work, a family member or your health. It’s not just for people in suicidal crises — it can also be about things like depression or an overwhelming amount of debt.

After you share your situation, the counselor can help de-escalate the situation and help you create a safety plan. They’ll also connect you with local resources that can offer additional help and support. In less than 1% of crises, they will alert emergency services, but that’s only when there’s a danger to the texter or others and they cannot create a safe space themselves. To find a crisis line near you, check out our partner Find A Helpline. Their intelligent ranking algorithm can match you with the best helplines for your needs.