Crisis Text Line – Free, Confidential, Anonymous Support by Text Message

Crisis Text Line

The Crisis Text Line provides free, confidential, anonymous support by text message with a trained counselor. This resource is a valuable source of help for millions of people across the country.

Despite the increasing popularity of crisis text services, little is known about their user population. This study examines demographic and psychosocial characteristics of Crisis Text Line (CTL) users based on anonymized CC reports and voluntary texter surveys gathered from 85,877 crisis text conversations over a 12-month period.


Crisis Text Line is an anonymous, free, 24/7 text-based mental health support service that empowers a network of volunteer crisis counselors to help people in their moment of need. Whether you’re dealing with suicidal thoughts, bullying, body image issues or another issue, Crisis Counselors are there to listen and provide confidential help.

The organization has landed nearly $24 million in new funding from some of the tech industry’s biggest names, including Melinda Gates and Reid Hoffman. This funding will be used to grow its ranks to 4,000 volunteer crisis counselors by 2021, expanding services beyond texting into video chats and chat platforms.

Texting is a familiar and intimate way to connect with support, especially for people who are in a mental health crisis and can’t or don’t want to talk on the phone. In fact, according to the organization’s national data report, it’s one of the top ways people reached out to the Crisis Text Line last year.


If you’re in a crisis, texting a crisis line is an extremely discreet and helpful way to get support. You’ll be connected with a trained counselor, who will help you de-escalate your situation and connect you to local resources that can help.

Our Crisis Counselors have been in many different situations themselves and know how difficult it can be to reach out for help. They’ll be able to support you, listen, and help you feel better.

You can text the Crisis Text Line from anywhere in the US at any time to reach a Crisis Counselor. They will respond within minutes and then you can text back and forth at your own pace.

The Crisis Text Line fields messages about suicidal thoughts, abusive relationships, sexual assault, depression, anxiety, bullying and more. It’s a free and confidential service that’s available 24/7.

24 Hours a Day

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or hopeless, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. That’s where the Crisis Text Line comes in.

After you text in, a counselor will respond within five minutes. They’ll introduce themselves, reflect on what you’ve said and invite you to text back and forth.

The counselor is there to support you and provide information, if needed, about local resources. They will never ask you to share anything you don’t want to.

These free, confidential services are a lifeline for people in need of help with any mental health crisis. They’re staffed by trained volunteers who listen empathetically and without judgment. They offer a variety of services for a wide range of concerns, including suicide, depression, self-harm, relationship issues and bullying.

365 Days a Year

The life of a crisis can be tough, but there are plenty of resources to help. These include websites, social media, and, of course, a well placed phone call. A few services go the extra mile by providing the best of both worlds by offering a combination of telephonic and text based support options. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t be too shy to ask for help. A reputable provider will be there for you. The following list of top-rated crisis assistance organizations is a great place to start.

The best part is, most of these services are free. Whether you are in need of mental health support, need help finding the right treatment for your loved one or simply need a safe place to vent, these agencies have you covered.