Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line

The Crisis Text Line is a free and anonymous crisis text line that serves people in distress. Launched in 2013, the organization uses trained crisis counselors to provide support over the phone or via text message.

The texting method has advantages over traditional communication. It’s convenient and can be used anytime. But it also carries risks.

What is the Crisis Text Line?

The Crisis Text Line is a national service that offers free, anonymous, and confidential support for anyone in distress. Its counselors are trained to help people get through rough times.

Crisis Text Line is the nation’s largest provider of crisis intervention via text messages, providing 24/7, high-quality support to millions of people every year. The organization is a non-profit, staffed with volunteers who are dedicated to supporting individuals in need.

Research suggests that texting can be an effective tool for suicide prevention and has a lower risk of stigma than traditional phone calls. In fact, a new study finds that nearly 86% of first conversations with the crisis hotline involve someone who is at imminent risk for suicide.

The Crisis Text Line is the only national, 24/7 crisis-intervention hotline that conducts its conversations entirely via text message. The organization is based in Rochester, NY and operates across the United States. It has more than 16,000 crisis counselors.

Who Can Use the Crisis Text Line?

You can use the Crisis Text Line anytime, anyplace — whether you’re in the middle of a major life change or simply feeling overwhelmed. It’s a free, anonymous service that provides support through text messages sent to crisis counselors.

The service is available to people in Ohio and across the nation who are experiencing a mental health issue or crisis. It also serves as an important tool in response to natural disasters.

Messages sent to the Crisis Text Line are not logged, and data usage is kept to a minimum. Additionally, the organization has a privacy policy in place.

How Can I Use the Crisis Text Line?

The Crisis Text Line is free and confidential and provides support to anyone in a mental health crisis. You can get help by texting the keyword “4hope” to 741 741 from anywhere in the state.

The service uses a patented algorithm to triage and prioritize text messages to the most critical calls. It does this by taking into account data such as the time of day, the size of the message and other factors.

The organization also utilizes a couple of fancy-looking computer programs to ensure that each and every text is transcribed and delivered with maximum accuracy. The resulting machine-generated text message is then sent to the appropriate Crisis Counselor, thereby improving their odds of providing effective and timely assistance.

How Can I Become a Volunteer Crisis Counselor?

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to help people in your community, consider becoming a Crisis Counselor through the Crisis Text Line. It’s a great way to get volunteer hours and build your resume while helping people in need.

To become a Crisis Counselor, you must first complete training. This is an online course and includes a background check.

After your training is completed, you can begin working as a volunteer. You’ll be matched with shifts on the Crisis Text Line platform.

You can work two shifts in a row but you’ll want to make sure you have enough time between each one so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Crisis Counselors are trained to respond to people in crisis and offer emotional support and crisis counseling through active listening, collaborative problem solving, and safety planning. They also provide referrals and information about community resources that are available.