Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is a nonprofit that offers free, confidential text-based support to anyone in need. Trained volunteer crisis counselors are available to help you or a loved one through any crisis.

The service claims that it’s for anyone in a crisis, regardless of age, gender, or mental health status. However, users’ Twitter posts suggest that CTLs are used more often by those with more severe mental illness and social isolation.

It’s free

In any moment, you may feel overwhelmed by school, work, your housing situation or your family. You can reach out to someone anonymously and get help through a text message.

This is a great way to get help when you need it, without having to talk to a friend or a counselor — and it’s free. Crisis Text Line is a nationwide, anonymous service that provides support for individuals in any kind of crisis through texting with a trained Crisis Counselor.

After you text CTL, you’ll receive two automated messages – one saying that you have been connected with a Crisis Counselor and another telling you how the conversation will go. A Crisis Counselor will answer your questions, share resources, and help you de-escalate your crisis. You never have to share anything you don’t want to, and the conversation can last as long as you need it.

It’s anonymous

If you’re looking for a simple way to talk to a mental health professional without having to deal with the hassle of scheduling an appointment, crisis text lines are the way to go. These free services will help you get through a tough time and connect you with resources you may not have been aware of in the first place.

The service has an innovative texter triage algorithm that determines high risk texters and moves them up to the top of a queue. Volunteer Crisis Counselors answer the call from a confidential and secure platform. They will likely ask you a few questions about your situation and can offer advice and guidance to help you make the best decision for your needs.

It’s confidential

Whether you’re going through a hard time or have experienced a traumatic event, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Crisis Text Line is a free, confidential service that provides crisis counseling support via text message. It’s available to anyone in the United States and can be reached by texting a keyword to 741741.

When you contact the Crisis Text Line, you’ll be matched to a trained volunteer Crisis Counselor who will work with you one-on-one to help you through your crisis. They’ll help you de-escalate your situation and connect you to help locally.

Less than 1% of Crisis Text Line calls involve the need for an active rescue (i.e., emergency services) and are supervised by mental health professionals who can take over the call if they believe that the person in need of help is at risk of harming themselves. The goal is to provide a safe space where you can talk through what’s happening and then move forward.

It’s 24/7

Every day, people go through a mix of emotions: successes, failures, love, heartbreak, joy, and grief. Those experiences can be too much for us to handle alone, and sometimes we need someone to talk to.

Crisis Text Line’s volunteer Crisis Counselors are always available and ready to listen. They’re trained to help texters work through tough times and find safe ways to cope with their feelings.

The Crisis Text Line’s platform also provides a variety of tools to help you reach out for support. It includes an anonymous survey to help you and the Crisis Counselor identify the best course of action, including contacting local resources.

As a Crisis Counselor, you can sign up for shifts that fit into your schedule, typically in 2-hour blocks. It’s best to stick to 2 shifts a week, but be sure to take time for your own mental health.