If you need help, text LISTEN to 741741.  The Crisis Text Line will respond 24/7/365.  They will help get you through it.

Or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  Also available 24×7.

“Texting with the Alex Project late into the night was a ‘game changer’ for me when I was suicidal.”

— University Student

“I am an instructor in a martial arts based youth empowerment program called Kidsafe Youth Programs (NJ), working with children from aged 5 through young adult.  I distributed the Alex Project / Crisis Text Line cards to my students, and I had an amazingly positive response!

We had a great discussion, in which I talked about the many ways in which young people might need support.  Students as young as eleven added serious ideas to the discussion, helping to normalize the experience for others.

ALL of the kids agreed that a text-based system was potentially FAR more valuable and likely to actually be used. A few even asked for cards to share with friends!

The parents in attendance were silent during the discussion, but several came up to me after class to thank me, and several more asked me for cards to give to their older children who were not in my class.

I came away with the impression that in thousands of hours of teaching safety/self-defense and martial arts, this presentation was potentially the most valuable 15 minutes I’ve ever spent.”

— Chris Baglieri, Martial Arts Instructor, Kidsafe Youth Programs (NJ)

“At all of the outreach that I have done the Text cards are what most of the teens take and inquire about.  They brought a few to tears as I believe that was their weight lifted off of their shoulders.  Thank you so much for really allowing youth to share without feeling like they are being judged.”

— Kim Mora, Employment Training Specialist, TAY Program, Solano County Office of Education

“Sometimes it’s sad to think our culture has gone to never talking on the phone, but that really is our way of communicating – it’s texting.  And if it’s going to help somebody by texting, that’s more important.”

— Jacqueline Monetta, in this article about a new text-based suicide intervention pilot program begun by San Francisco Suicide Prevention.

“We can’t expect our children to change their communication style when they are in crisis and trying to find help.  We must change how we hear them.”  “For some of our loved ones texting is the only way that they will reach out for help in a time of crisis.”  — Dan Strauss

“We really appreciate all the generosity of The Alex Project.  We get busier every day texting with young people.  We are clearly making a difference if our responses are any indication.  Many are thanking us for being here and listening.  We are talking them through their suicidal thoughts and many other issues.”

— Reno Crisis Call Center

“This texting hotline resource is right where our kids are living.”

— High School Principal

“THIS IS GREAT! Accessing support in a way that kids relate to today.”

— Continuation High School Teacher